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Ripple has announced today that they’re preparing to launch their new CryptoCurrency project XRapid in the next month or so!
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  1. Yes I totally agree. The crypto space needs to think more green. It's absolutely ridiculous that bitcoin is the most popular slowest most expensive crypto to trade with & uses more energy than an entire country combined. I get that BTC was the 1st crypto and I love crypto currency but I love the environment and our world more!! Let's not Destroy the environment and our planet just for greed and digital currency. There has to be a way to fix this. That's why I'm a fan of POS vs POW. Less energy consumption.

  2. Im not fan of xrp or xlm but if you look at the tec specs XLM got more to offer also on profit side so XLM will change the game and XRP wil have it hard to compete to XLM .. Think xrp will not see its ath again im afraid only pro for xrp is all their partners

  3. Hey None of the youtubers replied to my question may be they bcum arrogant after getting more subscribers or they have know knowledge. Why xrp is still under a dollar from so many years when btc and ether sky rocketed last year. Is bull run only in the dec every year Can we see the 90% correction after every bull run after xpapid goes live also Will be enough money in the exchanges to convert our money into fiat when all bcum millioniares Will be glad to hear from u""

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