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  1. Am i the only one who thought it was about catching predators, as in the alien thingies, when seeing the title? I don't know what the heck i was thinking.

  2. A lot of fun doing it and a lot watching it ! A huge and really good work you've done Nagzz !
    Thanks again for making those and letting us in 😉

  3. i honestly don't know about this show so i can't comment about this but what i did notice….
    only British don't get the FBI treatment
    1:41 me at the office when the manager is roaming but there is nothing to do
    Miss Minerva the JailBait and her rainbow sidekick Andis
    Officer Ryan Powell and the Anti Lolicon Police from the Galaxy far far away
    If you are a Lolicon you only have the right to remain silent after you got tazed by a lightsaber in the arse
    I m still wanting to have VRChat film awards before the year ends or you've done all the film this year
    suggestion if you doing some horror film in VR like the Conjuring I hope you hire Spazkoga

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