JURASSIC WORLD VR GAME! | Ark Park (HTC Vive + Haptic Suit Gameplay)

Today we are going to play Ark Park with a haptic VR suit that could have come straight out of Ready Player One. The title is a adventure VR game that takes you …


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  1. I've seen so many devices that would make VR even more immersive but the big boys are afraid to invest in them. That vest you have on along with VR gloves that actually work and motion simulators that would help those that are sensitive to motion sickness. I just don't get it. Edit- For walking, the Katwalk Mini for a game like you're playing.

  2. WAIT WUT!!! Y U HAVE SO MUCH MORE STUFF ON THR PC VERSION?!?? You can’t paint your dino, change the camera while you’re riding the dino and you CAN‘T GO ON THE BALLON RIDE!!!?

  3. I was hoping you would be able to use the jurrassic park theme as backround music! Gotta love youtube! Also, could we meet up in Rec Room? name a price for that haptic vest too lol

  4. Good evening nathie great video on Ark Park it was amazing to see you petting dinosaurs. As far as what you should play next try escape black Orion with the haptic suit on. I would be interested in your experience in the escape the room game. I have a question how feel different sensations when you're in Ark Park here's the link https://store.steampowered.com/app/897100/Escape_Black_Orion_VR/?snr=1_1453_4__105
    have a good evening see you on this weeks episode of F reality

  5. Looks cool, happy it will come to the market… as silly as it might sound, smell is a very important sense, without going into too much detail, information gained from smell directly influences the nervous system and creates a wide range of emotions and can even trigger or create memories. If you can get the limbic system involved (more than it is at the moment)… awesome times await

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