VIRTUAL VIRTUAL REALITY [Ep.3] (V-VR gameplay, no commentary)

Let’s STFU and Play: VIRTUAL VIRTUAL REALITY [Episode 3] In this episode we delve even deeper into …


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  1. What I expected: Kooky VR shenanigans with a GlaDos-like computer overlord.
    What I got: An introspective look into the nature of humanity in a world increasingly connected by technology, and what could happen if we ever cross that threshold…with kooky VR shenanigans with a GlaDos-like computer overlord.

    10/10 game so far.

  2. Ok i think I KINDA get the plot of whatโ€™s going on here. Chaz was ceo, went insane when he uploaded his consciousness, and now here we are? I get that right? Can someone explain to me the backstory in detail here?

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