Hollow Knight Review

Review: Hollow Knight is a metroidvania style adventure that requires a lot of exploration, perseverance, and offers little to no hand-holding.


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  1. I absolutely love the game and disagreed with most of your points

    0:17 – Yes the first bit of the game gives you little guidance which is the time you are given to master the abilities you have before diving in deeper but once you find the dream nail the game practically shows you where to go right on the map.

    0:30 – "A lot more responsive" No, your wording is completely wrong, both the key board and controller have absolutely no input lag so other than the controller being a lot easier to control, there's no difference between pressing a button on the keyboard then on a controller, its not like they're less responsive on a keyboard

    0:39 – Have to get used to it?! That's the norm for games like this plus you neglected to mention the charm that nullifies that.

    0:48 – I mean you literally could've just looked at the enemy journal to find the exact number but idk….

    0:50 – Well thats not true…….some enemies do have overlapping abilities ( I'm not saying this is a good thing about the game, I'm saying you really didn't put any care or detail when writing this

    1:03 – Maybe explain what soul is to the people that don't fucking play the game XD

    1:28 – You show the no eyes boss when saying this, Did you forget how easy she was or are you just really bad

    1:40 – Again you could've counted but why would you? eh?

    1:44 – Ummmmm they aren't all passive……..but ok

    2:18 – They're there so that so git gud before moving onto harder areas

    2:38 – He is usually near the entrance of the area, You don't get the map right away to that you can get a feel for the area before you rely on a map and and it does track where you've been before you buy it as seen in your own video at 2:52

    3:04 – Oh hey look, you haven't even finished that game

    3:08 – Did you even know you were playing a METROIDVANIA where BACKTRACKING is practically it's middle name, the backtracking isn't bad at all, it makes it feel like you're actually in this world instead of on a linear path

    3:41 – When? Other than the friendly bug in the mine who looks like a normal enemy FOR A VERY GOOD REASON BTW no one really looks like an enemy

    4:08 – No they weren't

    4:15 – Oh so you aren't even finished XD

    4:20 – yes there is but I can't tell you why because you aren't fucking finished XD

    4:33 – The dreamer pins LITERALLY SHOW YOU WHERE TO GO



    And of course she didn't talk about its incredible value, $16 for this much quality content?! holy hell

  2. Thanks for the detailed review! I just bought this game after hearing great things from my friends about it. Looking forward to playing it later tonight!

  3. I got lost alot too,and gave up in the end because of the constant dead ends and losing all my loot.Graphics not a patch on orio and the blind forest but the sound was awesome.It was a real shame that it quickly became too frustrating with the lack of direction and the lose it all mechanic which left me with a massive grind to advance with the neccesary tools to get to the next level.5/10.

  4. Thanks for the review helped me choose not to buy the game, its not quite what im after. Maybe ill wait for a sale on steam or something, great job, and thanks

  5. Thanks for the review, I also get frustrated by a game that makes you fumble around and having to watch someone else's gameplay to figure what to do next is not good, either. I had to do that with one other game, so I stoppred playing it.

  6. You have a really soothing voice, somewhat reminiscent of Jessica Chobots old stuff on IGN. Well done and good review, gonna check out the game this week !

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