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  1. I kinda understand giving a game 8.7 because if there's another game that's just like this game but feels better, IGN can give it an 8.9. The 8.9 tells a reader that it's slightly better than the first, but don't expect it to be vastly better. Now if a game gets 9.5, a reader can expect the game to be significantly better than the 8.7, despite their similarities.

  2. I played this game and I don't like it at all. The controls are okay, but the game itself is repetitive. It gets boring quickly and it's pretty much a third person version of Destiny, but much less advanced. It's cool if you like it, but this is my opinion.

  3. Does anybody know if it's possible to opt out of or turn off the player invasion PvP? I hate that crap. If I can't turn if off, then there's no way I'm buying this.

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