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  1. For those wondering why it doesn't come with control gun and shooting games like Duck Hunt or Wild Gunman. The reason is because if you shot at a target, nothing would happen. The control gun and it's games were designed to work with digital/plasma screens. Only the previous type of tv screens like how tv screens were when the games were first made. They do hope to fix that problem.

  2. I think i got a different model of the nes classic my controller ports are just rectangular and it only has an av port, but the cord for the controller is still short

  3. I missed the first wave, just got mine. In the process of "hacking" it to add the full library. You can't beat the price and nostalgic design of the little guy.

  4. Found one of these in the dumpster in a box with new Gun, 2 controls, cables and ten games. Sold it with 9 games for 80 euro and the tenth game sold for 250 euro ๐Ÿ˜

  5. Got some controller cable extensions and loooooving this thing. It is inconvenient to save, having to walk over to the system every time, but that just urges me to play the best I can all the time.

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