Bitcoin OTC Market Is Booming | Yale’s Massive Endowment Invests In Crypto Funds | More!

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  1. A bit unprofessional, imo, Omar… You don't need to show us you have a date… Especially when they're obv not into it… Hate to say it, but this is no bueno 🙁

  2. I’m new to crypto’s especially altcoins. I already have 1 bitcoin. What Alts would you recommend.. I really appreciate any help.. thanks so much in advance.

  3. I never have been able to understand why people ugly is the darker side of my toilet feel comfortable and video in themselves and putting themselves out for the world to see on video really strange I must have a lot of self confidence. How can people be so ugly and be a narcissist same time

  4. You come across as a decent guy but this is mostly useless content (maybe I caught a bad segment) and the stated or implied caring about the less fortunate seems pretty veneer. Please name one way any current crypto is more useful, equitable, democratic or liberated than fiat. Fixed supply money is literally the most ignorant medium of exchange unless of course you desire wide swaths of a population sitting idle in abject poverty. I am wondering in this fantasy world of crypto is the broader economy contracting with less and less products / services available over time? And with a shrinking population? Is that the sort of economy "sound" synthetic limited supply money works in? Have you ever thought for a single second what has enabled BTC, ETH or any crypto to reach the prices they have (aside from the limited supply)? And have you ever thought what is means if say BTC were to become a currency for a nation, where literally a handful of people own a huge percent of the entire supply?

  5. Thanks for the idea of putting stocks into crypto (or at least getting it ready to pull the trigger… I'll wait till sub $5K). It makes sense as the stock market looks pretty darn high as crypto is likely 65% to its bottom, likely to be resolved by late Jan-April 2019.

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