Razer Mamba 2012 Elite Wireless Gaming Mouse Unboxing & Overview

Buy the Razer Mamba 2012 Elite – http://amzn.to/OHcZ0W Livestream tonight (Sunday) 9PM EST – http://bit.ly/KoFan2 (bookmark link) This is an unboxing of the …


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  1. I just bought this today from a store, I got it for around 55 euros, much lower price than on my deathadder and i am loving it. It is superior to the deathadder, even the new versions dont match the build quality

  2. It's SHIT!.. Had mine for no more than three weeks and i have never been so dissapointed with any piece of gaming gear i have ever bought.

    Mouse left click is squeaky when the wheel is rolled to a certain point.. What the serious fuck, it's squeaky after three weeks of use?

    I can't even rest my finger on the right click without it clicking meaning i can't have my finger on the mouse when i'm not right clicking unless i want to constantly click by accident.

    The wireless does not fucking work altough i suspect synapse is at fault there. Because after 4 DAYS whever i try to put it in wireless mode it's like the sensitivty drops to minimum and nothing can bring it up to normal. So hey no more wireless for me!

    When i did have it in wireless the battery life is complete garbage lasting around 4-5 hours.

    I guess another 3 weeks from now the mouse will start falling apart. It's so fucking funny that the most expensive razer shit i bought is by far the worst one. Just buy a deathadder if you MUST buy something from razer, i can at least confirm it works.

    My recommendation? This mouse was the nail in the coffin for razer in my book. Constantly making overpriced shit using cheap ass parts, make it look cool and hype it the fuck up with an insane price tag and cash in.

    Considering selling this piece of shit to some kid on the block for about 10% of what i paid because i would never ever sell gamer gear like this for such idiotic sums of money. What return it? Send it to Razer? fuck no this piece of shit deserves to be put trough hell by cheeto loving, grease fingered fatty frank from down the street.

    I considered melting it or throwing it in the ocean but it's not even worth the effort. If Frank does not want it i'l just let it rot in a closet somewhere..

    only pro is because it looks nice. I wish i could say something about the ergonomics but i can't keep my fingers on the right click 80% of the time

    1/10 Razer go back to shoving this shit down the thorats on the all the kiddies who buy into your shit.

    And no this is not the first Razer product to go wrong for me but i'm not spending more time writing about all the shitty headsets and keyboards they make.

  3. yea….. i got it as a gift, WITHOUT docking station, and i cant fucking use it as a wireless mouse, and i even have a battery inide it :'(
     i cri everitem

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