Dear Google…

The Google Pixel 3 and Google Pixel 3 XL will be shipping to customers shortly. In the meantime… Google, hear me out about this notch. WATCH SOME…


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  1. Google should have placed the speakers on the top and bottom like the Alcatel idol phones and the camera in the center like the essential phone

  2. Go double notch, just for the stereo speakers, but then loose the god damn chin underneeth. remap the home button to finger sensor and keep the menu and back buttons in the corners!
    Theres your pixel 4

  3. Here’s an unpopular opinion I don’t have a problem with it. Only when I’m watching YouTube, but in everyday use is fine can barely tell. I do think that they should have taken away the top speaker so that it was smaller for people who care cause I mostly use headphones so to me it wouldn’t be a problem.

  4. why did google even make a notch
    its understandable for companies which want to increase screen to body ratio but google screen to body ratio is so low even their chin is huge

  5. Yeah, it seems completely obvious to me as well to have it blacked out but still hold the time/notification icons etc.. It actually looks alright that way. I hope they're listening!

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