Razer Phone 2 Impressions!

Razer Phone 2: From gaming phone to everyday flagship for $799?! MKBHD Merch: http://shop.MKBHD.com Video Gear I use: …


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  1. MKB Agree definitely nice and your right absolutely for media and gaming .Still like even though not a gamer.Thanks so much see you guys will truly be busy Deb?✌?

  2. Yes… I'm on both teams. $1000 phones are not for everyone, and these companies need to keep addressing more affordable options. Also, the notch thing bothers me so much that I still have my one plus 5 lol. Which is fine, because it's still very current. I don't get adding more room for screen space, and then putting a dip at the top of the screen. I'm also on team headphone jack lol. I don't like the idea of constantly having to charge my headphones so I can use them, it's annoying. What's more is it's just another way to nickel and dime people instead of giving them a choice. Okay, rant over. Overall, someday I'm sure I'll have to reluctantly accept some of these things.

  3. i have the first version of this phone, honestly its THE BEST android phone i have ever used for everything not just gaming, its not laggy like other flagships, amazing screen / gaming / battery / sound / software performance ….etc

  4. Lol? "Samsung phones all used to have better speakers many years ago". Maybe you are thinking of Samson because the speakers on Samsung's flagships were generally below average in quality until the S9….

  5. I'm really interested in a comparison of the Razer 2 vs the ROG phone after release. Razer seems to have addressed all the flaws/drawbacks of the first design (assuming the cameras are good) minus the omission of the headphone jack. I'm digging both phones regardless!

  6. All the people complaining about this having no headphone jack have not used this phone yet, the dongle this comes with is better than any headphone jack you could possibly have in a phone minus the LG V35. Since this has wireless charging you don't have to worry about not being able to charge this and use that dongle.

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