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  1. I'm hearing that Wall st and other big institutions are buying up big at the moment. It's done OTC and not showing up on the exchanges. They are setting up the ground work before they start pumping it and there is a rumor that it's going to cross $500,000 in the next bull run next Feb to Mar 2019. Not sure if I believe it, but damn it, I'm going to buy some champagne and be ready for it if it does!!!!

  2. J been watching for a few months now and im one of those guys that got in last year around nov…do you have a list of some cryptos that i should get into, im in the bug ones btc,eth,ltc,etc…but could use some dirrection in the smaller coins that u believe have great potential to rocket in the next bull run, i hear you talking bout theta? and digibyte? i understand if you dont want to divulge in public, so if you would contact me through youtube thats cool also…thnks for everything ya do and hope to see ya on the other side of wealthy…peace brother

  3. Only chance BTC has is if the exchanges have the discipline to quit shorting and quit high frequency trading long enough for BTC to hit and hold $100K. If this doesn’t happen, you’re much better off buying a rental property or other investments.

  4. Great video Joseph sniper IV ! It made me laugh and motivated for the markets all in the same video. More videos like this please. Plus I listen on my way to work and it seems that we drive the same amount of time. Thanks

  5. Strange feeling came over me. I haven't watched any of your videos for awhile, cryptos are going to get mad from now until the end of the year. What happened to trade calls with trader jay?? Are they still available?

  6. Speaking of dial up…one of Nouriel's arguments against Bitcoin at the Senate hearing in the previous week, was that Bitcoin cannot be a means of payment because it is only 5 TPS. That's like saying: we cannot conduct business on the internet because it was only 56K dial up modem back in the day. Like, seriously, is that guy being paid by someone to perpetrate FUD on Bitcoins? Yes, we ALL know Bitcoin is currently 5 TPS and cannot compete with the likes of Visa/Mastercard. Nouriel doesn't think developers are aware of this and are working on solutions like Lightning Network?

  7. the problem lies in your power source. if the device is running off of the lighter plug, or a lighter type plug in. the interference is in the alternator circuit! some may be eliminated with stacked suppressors, or simple run athe power source directly to the battery! simply still, contact the alternator manufacturer for possible options! i personally hear the static, but it does not affect the content to me! you may be the only one that is concerned about it! simplest solution is just to forget about it, and carry on!

  8. What Joe fails to realise is that alot of people got into Litecoin on bad advice from his partner trader boss.

    He advised that Litecoin was going to 1k.

    I don't blame Joe but everyone seems to forget what that guy did.

  9. Keep the faith
    As long as you get up
    When you get knocked down
    Your a winner.
    Thanks for the encouragement.
    If you were here when it boomed
    Nothing has changed .
    21 million bitcoin
    84 million ltc
    Z cash 5 million
    To name three
    If you have them it will count.
    If all these banks are gearing up
    Its for a reason.
    We were here first
    They won't have that .
    Your not having mine .

  10. When I saw Snippy's VERI move…. that is when I took the bait. Yes, watching Joe in the Spring of 2017 set the hook. I was tossing it around in my mind before that, but watching Joe helped me pull the trigger. Thanks Joe !!!

  11. That sounds like ignition noise. Most auto USB adapters pass it. Run the camera off its battery, otherwise, find a line filter, or, an adapter that has an RF filter.
    Car audio shops should have them.

  12. This video reminds me of the Summer of 2017 when Joe was begging people to get into LTC when it was below $45. He was telling everyone that would listen LTC is going to take off… it is going to be good. It came close to $400… first to $100, then a burst to $200 and so on. Yea, he was being trolled then too. People couldn't believe it was going up after a summer of sideways action. Then BAM BOOM BANG…. like a rocket.

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  14. There is nothing new under the sun.

    Cryptocurrency as a globalization tool were planned thousands of years ago after God destroyed the very first attempt at New World Order through the building of the Tower of Babel.

    When ERopean Union was formed some leader claimed that they were rebuilding Babylon as the first one failed. They even had statue of a woman who rides the beast in the EU precinct – this is negative symbolism from the last book of the Bible, Revelation chapters 12 to 18. Cryptos are part of this system the Bible predicted more than 2000 years ago.

    Geopolitics of globalization. If you read the prophecies of Daniel chapter 2 and those of John in Revelations chapters 12 to 18, these geopolitics are predicted more than 2000 years ago.

    USA being the remnants of the Holy Roman Empire will implement the New World Order with one world currency system through

    ?. Blockchain – tracking all things, everyone

    ?. Cryptocurrencies – easily getting everybody on the financial system hence easy to control, track. Volatility is like dangling a carrot for mass adoption to get quick profits. Once critical mass is reached, Cryptos will be much more stable, fewer coins.

    ?. Tokenization of everything – makes it easy to tracking all things, everyone.

    These will improve our quality of like but also help the powers that be achieve their goals easily as everyone will voluntarily join this new financial revolution

  15. Living in times that an 18 yr old hacker can go in and out of a banking institution, undetected, hacking credit agencies like it’s a joke…..can you imagine in 3 years what’s going to be possible?Limited supply, plus-solid security plus un-hypothecated plus plus plus plus ??‍♂️

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