LEGO DC Super-Villains Review

LEGO DC Super-Villains was reviewed on PS4, PC, and Xbox One by David Jagneaux. IGN Reviews – LEGO Marvel Super Heroes – Review: …


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  1. The Animation is Great. Upbeat Menu.
    Customizer Rocks.
    Combat is Great also.
    Biggest problem I've had with Lego Games is when you attack player 2 during co-op in some cases no damage is taken be either player. unless when one of the players tries a jump attack or projectile attack during a fight with each other. Favorite red bricks I've seen is the grab from Lego Dc superheroes 2.

    Great Game really enjoying it.

    Would have liked it a lot more if metropolis and Gotham were bigger.

    Would be nice to stop a lego airliner from hitting a stadium. Just saying lol.

    This isn't bat man arkham or shadow of war but how cool would it be if you could smash each other against a building.

    Hope this superslap will send the other player flying.

  2. "It's more of a LEGO game than a DC game"
    You don't say!!! Last time I checked the word LEGO was first in the game's title, with the word DC following it. NOT the opposite…

  3. "More of a Lego than a DC game," what did you expect, a Batman Arkham game or Injustice? The game is made by Lego, hence why it's a LEGO game and they made 23 other games like this.
    Final Verdict: 7.8 Too much Lego not enough DC.

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