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  1. The finale alone deserves at least an 8/10, it captures that Queen essence perfectly, and soars higher than anything I've seen this year.

    Yeah it's formulaic, at times cliche, but you can't deny the film is really uplifting and equally inspiring. It's not about how many 'Biopic' traits the film takes, it's about how it makes you feel when you walk out of that cinema.

    And I felt pretty great not going to lie ? 9/10 from my experience.

  2. Been hearing about this biopic with Sacha Baron Cohen playing FM for years, then we get this? What a disappointment! Felt like I wasted money in a theater watching a made for tv movie.

  3. He left all of his money and belongings to his ex-girlfriend, and said that she was his only TRUE friend. So, yeah, she should have been a big part of the movie.

  4. Seriously did they watch just the trailers or fall asleep in the middle of the film
    This has to be one of the best films i have seen in years
    Rami is OUTSTANDING 9.5/10

  5. Just watched this tonight at the cinema. If this movie does not get a Oscar then it will be a crime. Everything about the film was superbly put together. Rami Malek is phenomenal as Freddie and the rest of the cast were all on the money. A film I will watch many times again I hope. Even if you are not really a fan of Queen, it’s so worth watching. Finally a film worthy of your hard earned money.

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