Fidelity to Bring $360 Billion (or more) to Crypto?!? HTC Blockchain Phone | Johnny Depp x TaTaTu

Is Fidelity the catalyst we need? $360 Billion (or more) could enter crypto! Johnny Depp partners with $TTU, HTC Exodus 1 blockchain phone available for preorder, Elon Musk’s cryptic tweet, Korea ICO ban could be lifted,, crypto news, and more!

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0:01 Decentralized actor:
0:32 Markets: Decred (DCR)
1:26 Bakkt update:
2:13 Fidelity executive leaves:
3:24 Fidelity to the moon:
5:00 Elon Musk tweet:
6:22 HTC Exodus 1:
8:15 Venezuela kid update:
9:00 Good news for Korea?
9:27 AERGO article:
9:50 My review:
10:11 Johnny Depp x TaTaTu (TTU):
12:05 Tron (TRX) Poppy dAPP:
12:52 Neon Exchange (NEX) featurette:
13:30 Horizen (ZEN) side chains:
14:38 CryptoCurve x AION x ICON (ICX):
15:03 CryptosRUs x IBM:
15:28 MINDS:
16:40 Square news:
17:23 ⚠️ Don’t get scammed!

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About the Author: Crypto Zombie


  1. npxs has a phone on the blockchain (historical first iirc), has a working product that could fundamentally change how we interact with certain establishments (dependent on adoption of course), it has dubai backing, and will be at the korean international …very interesting headway in the ease of access/convenience area of things

  2. @cryptozombie
    Why you wounder about a fixed btc price? THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT WE NEED! We want crypto as its own paymentmethod and so it must have its own value. And not going up and down with the dollar. If people start think this way we can find the REAL value of Bitcoin, because people decide what it is really worth for themself. The more people do so, the more exact we get a real price.

  3. the general public are just so close minded all they want is gains and institutional money. do they not understand that "custodial" just means they will own your bitcoin while you pay for a piece of "paper" saying you own bitcoin then one day they will have lots of bitcoin to make manipulation easier.and also if they fuck up just like the banks and fiat and say sorry you cant withdraw "your" bitcoin because its actually not "your" bitcoin its "under our control"

  4. Zombie, always appreciate ur TA/FA & commentary.
    OTC has been very busy & it is not reflected in the market eX's.
    So, it seems that they (Bakkt, Fidelity, GS, MS, etc) have been 'secretely' scooping up tons of coin 4 a long time.
    BTC current circulation is 17M out of 21M total, but it's rumored that 4M have been lost, so, sum thing doesn't sum.
    BTC trend lines r converging, historical seasonality may kick in, fundamentals r solid, adoption/use rampant, fiats r failing, etc.
    IMHO, this all points to big moves north, when, any1's guess, there may be a pump fake down, so be careful.
    Kind regards 2 all.

  5. I'm not a content creator like y'all, but I know you need followers on these "alt-tech" social media sites, so I join everyone one you can find. It works both ways.

  6. That crypto guy Dan (Henz I think is his last name) quit YouTube and went to DTube because of what you were talking about with YT being a centralized platform.

  7. Hey k-dub! If you do a review on tatatu, can you compare it with tube please? Im following those guys for a while now, and they are making so many big steps. Working platform, working airtime to use at other websites and a partnership with wirecard so you can spend your coins in real life. Hope to see that in one of your uploads! Thanks

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