New Bull Run / EOS Not A Blockchain / Government Theft Plan

On today’s episode of The Cryptoverse…
New Bull Run 1:11
EOS Research Paper 2:40
BancorX Is Live 8:32
IOTA On Ledger 10:48
Confiscation Of Italian Wealth 12:45
BitMex on CSGO 15:25

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  1. Venezuela is probably more a case of economic warfare and propaganda as what I have heard and seen looks like the country was prospering and if you look at photos or watch interviews with protesters and opposition members they are anything but slim. If interested, check YT channel of Florida Maquis. Of course, that's just one source.

  2. Hi Chris. I like EOS and I hold OES. But there is one concern that I have about calling EOS a blockchain.
    About a month ago one of the BP’s discovered a hack of an EOS account. They noticed a large amount of EOS was being unstaked and transferred to other accounts. This BP then choose to freeze the other accounts, and what I heard from it the funds were returned to the rightful owner. Now I can guess how (technically) accounts can be frozen on the EOS blockchain, and I don’t see this as a disqualifier to call it a blockchain. But I don’t understand how funds could be returned to the rightful owner. I thought in order to transfer funds from an account on any blockchain one needs to have the private key, and as long as only the owner of the account has the private key nobody else could transfer his funds, not even the BP’s. To me this is quit fundamental to qualify for the title ‘blockchain’. Could you shine your light on this please. Were those funds indeed returned to the rightful owner and if so how? If it is possible to transfer funds from an account on the EOS blockchain without having the private key, I don’t think you can call it a real blockchain.

  3. not a coincidence the paper was written when it was. Nor can someone write multiple papers as any academic knows. Research takes time to draw conclusions. Perhaps the author had in mind Bitshares and Steem, but as they are not as dominate as EOS why bother apply the argument to them. The paper was not written in response to an ETH threat. The argument is what It is what, it holds or it dos not.

  4. The reason I like EOS is that it has a massive community that is DOING things. It is the fertile ground where real innovations will occur. It is the most useful sandbox in the crypto space. This environment accelerates innovations, and one or some of them will be the impetus that drives the next big bull run. Every bit of FUD that we have heard about EOS could be true, and I would still be bullish long term on the project for this reason alone.

  5. About your comment about the president of Venezuela…please inform yourself better and do not repeat everything you here….what you are talking about is a video that a famous chef from Turkey put on the internet where he was honouring president Maduro in his famous restaurant in Turkey…This happened after a visit to China where Maduro was making deals with the Chinese government that would help Venezuela to come out of a crisis created on the country by economic sanctions from the US and economic war on the socialist government by the extreme right oligarchic Venezuelan opposition….Maduro was invited and treated by a famous chef that respects socialism…he enjoying a life of luxory in Venezuela while the peole starves. Also the government is doing everything they can to helped the people that is being affected by this war against a socialist country that the only thing it wants is to manage the resources of the country for its people.

  6. Eos is spread sheet updated in real time by 21 supervisor that can ban reverse transactions at any time . You jump from central banksters to central conisters !

  7. Great point where you said they should have criticized DPoS long ago with BitShares and Steemit. This is clearly a FUD attack from a threatened platform. They say give off the same sentiment (negative) even in interviews. Clearly, they're taking advantage of their first mover advantage on leadership.

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