The Truth About Bitcoin ETF Rejections

On today’s episode of The Cryptoverse I would like to do what many of you tell me I do best which is to soothe your anxiety about the latest round of Bitcoin ETF proposal rejections.
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  1. S.E.C Trying to Control That Which Cannot Be Controlled…. End Result?? – Stupid People Falling For It Resulting In Market Volatility ?

  2. Bitcoin is NOT as decentralized as many claim it to be. 4 mining pool owners control more than 50% of the hash power. If those 4 decide to collude and double spend, that would be catastrophic for Bitcoin. Also, Bitcoin fees and forks are in the hands of the miners

  3. Good old green screen just like in the old days when I started watching your channel. I sense a bull market on the horizon. ?

  4. Chris, do you give credence to those EW analysts who project lower lows around $5,000 before we can bring the volume necessary to break overhead resistance? Thanks for your views on the ETF's. No more derivatives! Futures have ruined our market in 2018, and caused the last recession in 2008. Wall Street is evil and manipulation begins there. Bitmex I believe is also evil.

  5. What sounds like the SEC has overstepped their boundaries trying to put their hands all over stuff they shouldn't be touching just tell them old bastard's to keep your hands out of the cookie jar or should we say crypto chart

  6. I like the CXBTF “AB Bitcoin Tracker” ETN – Exchange Traded Note – that recently became available to American investors last week through Fidelity. This ETN (not ETF) buys actual bitcoin. I’m surprised more hubbub isn’t made about CXBTF given it makes bitcoin price movements accessible at about a $30 price point and they can use funds from 401k and IRA’s.

    I think once more people know about it, and more funds sprinkle in while the price is so low, there will be a deluge of large sums of money, and then ETF and then more things that stabilize the price in an upward motion.

  7. Took the words right out of my mouth with the gold and silver manipulation. Yes, agreed they want more control. However, CBOE is the highest standard for trading. I see the SEC giving in to that exchange and granting approval in Feb 2019. They would not want to upset their "friends at the CBOE".

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