Ethereum Upgrade Delayed / BitPay Integrates StableCoins

On today’s episode of The Cryptoverse…
Here are my top 5 crypto news stories of the day including the ability to send and receive crypto using only SMS, a delay in an upgrade to the Ethereum mainnet, a chart of the day and some graphs showing the number of ICOs increasing while the amount of money being invested is decreasing.

Table of Contents:
00:00 – Introduction
00:45 – Pay BitPay with CoinText
05:54 – BitPay Integrates Stablecoins
10:21 – Ethereum Upgrade Delayed
13:01 – 2018 ICO Data
16:41 – Chart Of The Day

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BitPay Integrates Stablecoins

Ethereum Upgrade Delayed

ICOs Up But Investments Down

The Truth About ICOs In 2019 And Beyond


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  1. CoinText is not that trusted, as it sounds. They do not have your key. They CoinText system has only "half they key" and needs to combine it with a hash of your number in order to get the private key on the go. CoinText explicitly does not store any private keys from anyone.

    That being said, you trust them, that they "do not save your keys", because they surely could. But the idea is, that they are no trusted escrow service and also legally not seen as such, because they haold no keys to your accounts.

  2. Chris come on, Cointext's privacy and security assumptions are awful. The developer behind it is clearly clueless. I'm surprised you didn't do a better research on the flaws of the system. Recommending this service is akin to recommending users to keep their cryptocurrency at an exchange.

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