John McAfee: The Only Way To Secure Your Bitcoins (The Cryptoverse #141)

On today’s episode of The Cryptoverse:
John McAfee, a former programmer for NASA during the 70s and creator of the first anti-virus, entered the packed Blockchain Money Conference room to rousing applause.

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  5. Jaxx Wallet is a scam. Apple features them in the APP STORE. Once you deposit funds they will not allow you to send funds out. Jaxx Wallet is a scam with backdoor locks.

  6. No, that mining is not in North Carolina, it is in Washington State. He named Grand Coulee Dam. That is in Eastern Washington. Cheaper energy for the mining operation.

  7. Yes Bitcoin has "lightning" fast verification speeds, absolutely no forking and major banks and American Express using "RIPPLE" …Yes which fool would not bet the farm on Bitcoin?

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