TIME TO BUY BITCOIN? Has the crypto crash found its bottom? ETH ICOs BTC BCH

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  1. Ok EllioTrades, can you please give an explanation as to exactly the hash war with BCH equates to a 60 billion flush in the market? It just doesn’t add up to me, i must be missing something here. This dip to me is clear, we look at the overall market cap of crypto and can clearly seeThe market crashed because of a huge selloff not a hash war. I get that taking all that hash power away from bitcoin slows down the network however as a consequence that means that less new coins are in circulation therefore putting restraint on new mined coins stalling supply which would give price strength. I’ve been hearing the same excuse for the dip from not just you but other content creators and it just does not add up, please explain this to me.

  2. BTC could double in price within just a few days, at any point, in any given week…we all know that…this is a great opportunity to dollar cost average…don't miss out…you'll be kicking yourself in the butt 2019 Thanksgiving weekend…

  3. OK this is what I am doing. Bought 50% yesterday. Will buy 50% when it starts going up for a while or we get to 96%. We are down what 84% of the all time high. Then I will just hold as it is money I don't need and can keep it there until I sell at reasonable profit.

  4. People should realize that just because two idiots are behaving like dummies does not mean the rest of this community is the same. Just look at who we all keep getting to represent us in politics – the same people year after year country after country for the past 15 years+ Does not mean the normal joey soapy is like that just that ambitious people love themselves more that you and are not vetted for psychopathic tendencies.

  5. Timing the market is extremely difficult. Two ways to combat that is dollar cost averaging (easy to do automatically on Coinbase) and running algorithmic software to do the buying and selling for you.

  6. History doesn't repeat itself but it sure does rhyme. Cue to 2008 and the nasty crash of the S&P500; the following 18 months saw the start of a massive recovery granted that was debt fuelled but it still made significant gains. In the closing of 2018 we may well be on the cusp of another cycle. Sit it out for the time being for all markets and then as Warren Buffet has said, "Be fearful when others are greedy and greedy when others are fearful".

  7. Are any of you guys are actually educated investors or traders or just want to get rich? Cause some other channels people still saying this shit going to go up

  8. NO…. we have NOT bottomed. For the 1000th time. The target is and HAS BEEN 2800. There is also a fibonacci at 1800, etc……. so we should NEVER buy the dip in a bear market. That is propaganda and a lie. You only buy dips in a BULL market. (stop and think about that for a minute) and also…. you should never buy back in until you have confirmation that the bottom is in. We do not have that confirmation. 2800 has been on the table since december of last year for anyone who understands TA.

  9. Just stumbled across your channel and seriously impressed with the quality of your analysis. Great info, pitched at the perfect level with the right amount of detail to show you know what you are talking about without making it boring. I agree, there is a lot more of this bear market yet to come. The majority of my holdings are in eos and bought in at around $4 so have seen my first significant loss since investing. My strategy has been to hodl and to be honest i will continue to do so even though I suspect the price will continue to fall as I don't have the time to dedicate to trading effectively. I may be crazy but I plan to dollar cost average over the next few months and sit on my investment for a number of years as I believe in the overarching utility of crypto and the changes it can bring to the world. Thanks for your hard work. Liked, subbed and notification hit from me ??.

  10. By the time you watch this 14 billion have a wiped from the market, someone really wants crypto to burn a slow death, let’s hope the tech wins out, banks scam you daily, but according to many that’s ok, Bitcoin will never scam or rip you off.

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