Bitcoin Cash Vs. Satoshi Vision – Hash War Over – Crypto Market Price Suffers

The Bitcoin Cash hash war has come to an end, what does it mean for the wider crypto markets? Is there any reason to keep investing in BItcoin Cash?


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  1. nobody cares of the block chain they just care about getting rich… thats why it’s dying. you crypto techies running these markets are embarrassing yourselves and blockchain

  2. Yeah, the hash war is over, but none of us crypto investors will forgot the BS that is POW coins. I think it's the beginning of the end for POW to be among the top ranked coins. Their consensus algorithm has finally proven to be too problematic. Next!!

  3. Re: "Only three chains" – there's a lot more than just 3 chains of bitcoin forks. Once BCH forked it became just another shitcoin, which again forked with CraigCoin. But BTC has been forked like 30 times…

  4. Your take on this is very balanced. I enjoyed listening to it. I am positive after the hashwar. I know many people would be blaming both the ABC and SV sides, but that view can only be held without looking back to the first split, and seeing the similarities to this second split. both splits where forced on the community in similar ways. BTC devs insisted on enforcing a proposal which was half-baked. There was also no actual logical grounds for the split in BCH this year. Craig's destructive nature is very plain to see, while the politics behind the BTC split is less obvious, it still boils down to the same thing. The positive side of the recent split is that level-headed logic and intelligence prevailed against threats of destruction. The debacle saw unity between the various groups (the alliance between Faketoshi and BTC core was very obvious and revealed a lot). It was shown that this may seem like the wild west, but it certainly is not. Level-headed decisions were driven by economic and business motives in the end. Faketoshi's allies in the end splintered off. I am convinced neither BTC nor BCH will keep their top positions in the long run, unless intelligence and cooperation continue to win the day in such debates.

  5. Butthurt and stupid sounding…it deserves to bomb just because of the horrible branding alone. Crypto geekdom rarely equates to marketing genius.

  6. Well done mate on not holding back on FakeToshi. A lot of Youtubers are trying to not be offensive or controversial. Very refreshing to hear such honesty.

  7. Digibyte is the longest, most secure, and cheapest UTXO blockchain in existence. With 15 second blocks, multi-algo mining, and a highly motivated development community the best value in blockchain is DGB!!! Download the wallet for IOS or Android and try it out, fast as lightning and very inexpensive to send peer to peer payments.

  8. I’m not saying that Crag Wright is Satoshi. Truth is; we don’t know. You probably don’t even know who Gavin Andresen, is.

    You’re a fukin crypto newbie, Lark. Stop acting like you know it all.

  9. Good thoughts. I just think it really makes lots of confusion in the crypto space for beginners. When some of these companies have used the name Bitcoin. Even when they are not the real bitcoin. Eg. Bitcoin Diamond, Bitcoin Cash. etc. People look at that and figure out there's more then one type of bitcoin. I was in same boat last year when I started. But makes the space interesting with the drama going on. CW is crazy douche!, Roger is just more of a capitalist. Just has crazy ideas and wants to be king of Crypto. lol. Well we will see on that. Anyways great thoughts and video. Sincerely JR

  10. This just proves how easy it is to destabilize and bring down the entire market. This created a huge crater in cryptos foundation. Now imagine 30 world governments forking bitcoin in 2019. I think the bear market is long from over.

  11. Stop bashing bitcoin. Not having full blocks means that transaction fees and block times stay low. That's not a negative. You could also list the other software implementations ABC is helping to build, besides not raising the block size, which they plan to do later when it's needed.

  12. Lark, you miss a vital point. POW is the REAL & only revolution that has taken place in this space. It solved the double spend problem that has plagued the formation of a true decentralised, digital currency. Forget about the criticisms about centralised mining {miners are free to come & go in the space…you will see less "concentrated" mining as the degree of difficult adjusts with the lower price & vice versa}. No ONE miner or group has ever achieved moe than 51% hash power even when the entire hash has been at its peak this year.Pure game theory would negate any miner colluding to achieve this end as the hash power & money required through infrastructure investment etc would nullify any attempt. And of course, with any attempt to "steal" their BTC, they cannot " move" it to a "superior" coin to cash out, unlike those previous attacks from "Lower Order" coins that cashed out to BTC. There is no REAL decentralisation without POW, pure & simple. Now, that may not be that important, if philisophically & practically, decentralisation is cast aside for convenience, speed/scalability etc but DONT call POS, DPOS, DBFT systems decentralised…they are not & never will be. Bitcoin does not have a CEO, & did not print or premine coins for its "Founders" {bar the 1 million for Satoshi which has NEVER been touched}. It is POW that anchors Bitcoin to the Real World, yes, through the consumption of electricity,,,,,,,,,,,,that, among other things gives it its real world value & security. You aknowledged this yourself previously about power Weapons manufacture, Gold, Fossil Fuels etc etc etc which DWARF BTC"s usage. If BTC can replace this useless waste of electricity that enslaves the world, then let it take up the power consumption of the US for all I care. Let other "coins" go about with the staking POS DPOS etc etc. When it comes to real value, real security, real decentralisation & immutability then the next bitcoin is…..Bitcoin. It remains the standard, pure & simple.

  13. I've said it once and I'll say it again the best thing that could happen for crypto is 4 Bitcoin cash to do what ethereum classic is doing for the ethereum chain it would do so much for the whole community but in order for it to actually do the most good somebody needs to be kicked out of the Bitcoin cash camp and we all know who that is he has no place in a professional capacity in any crypto because of his antics and bomb-making that man is a laughingstock and is giving crypto a bad name he is no more than a charlatan or a fraudster and for the other two they need to be kicked to the curb as well

  14. Wish you'd stop calling it bitcoin sv, cash, abc or xyz or whatever the hell it is….it aint NO Bitcoin………..There is only ONE Bitcoin & that remains the standard, The rest is a very poor man's version…essentially trash.

  15. The real crisis has yet to come I believe. Satoshi Vision has immense hash power. They purchased all of bitmain's old miners and also have their own, more efficient miners. They crushed bch with sustained pressure and plan to do the same to btc. They will use all their hash power to control the network. Calvin ayre is already producing his own power plants to support his miners.
    The problems with Bitcoin Craig and SV have only just begun, sadly.

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