The man who called the bitcoin drop now sees…

Ran Neu Ner, ONChain Capital, on whether you should hodl or fodl on bitcoin. With CNBC’s Melissa Lee and the Fast Money traders, Tim Seymour, Karen Finerman, Brian Kelly and Dan Nathan.


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  1. If the cost of production is the rule then why havent miners for Gold and Silver been shut down….Silver at under $15.00???? Come on man. Its about futures and paper…..someone controlling the levers and manipulating the market.

  2. In 3 years from now, the entire world will be saying, “remember all that crypto-currency scam, bubble nonsense? How was I so gullible?”
    People complain about criminal banksters running the baseless fiat monetary system. But at least the criminals have the laws and regulations, and a tax system, and a banking system on their side, and if all else fails, the fiat system is enforced by weapons.
    Whereas, crypto currency is backed by the slippery foundation of the GULLIBLE FOOL THEORY.

  3. People tend to doubt themselves for the most ridiculous reasons, you could even say that when someone invests into something, or even speaks a sentence.

  4. This FUD BUCKET was wrong about it being 5300 in July, its now almost september and never went below 5800. If this big dummy studied technical analysis he would realize that it bounced from 5800 5 times in the last 5 months, 5800 is looking more and more like the bottom

  5. you sell shorts much there MR AFRICA mate?? miners won't turn off machines, they simply WONT RELEASE THE 12 BTC to the public exchanges and hold the coins. the pool miners will mine other stuff but that's a minority of BTC mining dummy

  6. He didn’t call it, he said “if it goes under that…” like, if it goes lower it will go lower… what a prophet!
    If he really knew it would go to $5900 he’d have shorted it at 100x and be so rich right now CNBC wouldn’t be able to afford him.

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