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  1. I noticed there's no skybox, which sortof makes sense because normally in-game you wouldn't see that angle. Do you think it'd be hard to add a skybox to make it look more natural? However I could've sworn the game had some sort of skybox..
    Awesome work! I'm gonna try this out myself, looks like itd be scary lol

  2. hey kaze emanur i have a really important question for u will u make a majoras mask verison of sm64 if u dont its fine if u are then thank u majoras mask is my fav game anyways pls reply to this comment thank u

  3. LISTEN TO ME YOU ABSOLUTE WIZARD OF ROM HACKS, YOU BETTER BE WORKING ON THOSE FANTASTICS HACKSS OR IMMM GONNA BE SUPER MAD. (P.s this is a joke pls take ur time love ur hacks cant wait for sunshine and odyssey 64 baiiiii.)

  4. Jokes aside, this is genuinely fucking amazing. I honestly was expecting this to either be a joke, or some kind of substituted version of VR, but Kaze somehow managed to actually make it straight-up VR compatible, and I think that's just amazing.

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