Warning: I Think Bitcoin Is Going Under 3K…Here Is Why? [Altcoins I Bought]

Bitcoin is continuing to crash. We dipped to 3,600 and are barely holding…

I think we will go lower. But I am still bullish on Bitcoin’s future.

Watch this video and find out what altcoins I am buying.

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Buying a Subway sub with Bitcoin

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  1. Pumpers crack me up, they praise it when it goes up and praise it when it goes down lol. What else can they do when they have to find more fools to join the party. You don;t really have to be that smart to figure out there is no easy lasting wealth. Human nature and greed and laziness will always be around. Its garbage, the smart money is long gone, you will all beat each other to a pulp running for the exit when if finally implodes.

  2. First off, THANK YOU. Even more so now it is necessary to have a realistic non-hopium filled perspective. Don't get me wrong, I am very bullish on the crypto space overall but as of in this moment and time, this market cycle.. its rough. I truly couldn't be happier when I saw Bitcoin break 6k because all I could think about was " this is my chance". For average joe to be able to afford what could possibly be pivotal point for the entirety of monetary systems to come, or lack of. This is our revolution, this is our time, forms of decentralization of our wealth and being able to truly put it back in our hands will change everything. Keep it up man.

  3. Bitcoins are made from thin air. When investigations prove that bitcoin had been prop up using other cryptos, $0 will be the bottom. Institutions investors are accumulating? It should be scammers are trying to prop it up again for another round of slaughter.

  4. Blockchain stocks have crashed over 95% during this year and now you can buy great Blockchain stocks for pennies on the dollar. These Blockchain stocks will move up with the cryto market and provide more leverage than just buying the crypto. The Blockchain stocks I have recently bought are HIVE Blockchain, LONG Blockchain, RIOT Blockchain and BTL group.

  5. start earning from cryptocurrency today, they still need more network,was browsing you tube till I found this company voisk coin,he helped me start up now i am on my own with a lot of profit weekly

  6. It exits November because people worldwide are taking profit for Christmas gifts. HELLO. Same thing happened last year and the analysts couldn't figure it out.

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