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  1. Marques I ran across these and was impressed and as an audiophile I thought you might appreciate an awesome pair of dual driver earbuds for under $20

  2. Received as a gift, was very excited to have a good pair of wireless earbuds. Did not hold a charge for long, assumed I left them on or my fault at some point. After one week of usage, I charged to 100% confirmed that they were shut off and left on my nightstand. Came back in a few hours and turned on, the 100% charge was now 80%. I retested at 60% and confirmed that they were shut off, came back and tested in a few hours and they were at 20%.
    Have re-boxed to give to my son so that he can return them. Very disappointed and feel bad for returning a gift from my son.
    I own a cheap pair of earbuds that hold the charge and never had a problem with them even though there were a fraction of the cost of the Freedom ear buds.

  3. These suck. They don't stay in my ear and they have a proprietary charger which is slightly different from their other proprietary charger. Taking them right back to Best Buy after work. Stop trying to make extra money on chargers and make a damn head set that says in your ear.

  4. Anyone else get crazy stuttering with these headphones? Can’t have them farther than 2 feet from my phone without problems at the gym.

  5. Just got them, not a fan. It feels like my ears are plugged and I didn't like how deep I needed to keep them in my ears. I'll pass

  6. Unfortunately I lost my Jaybird x2's this week but these are only $65 on Amazon right now so that's awesome! but I do see a lot of people getting it for cheaper haha.

  7. I got these, and they constantly drop the bluetooth connection. I'll probably exchange them for a different pair before I decide if they're any good.

  8. I am going to buy a headphone by tomorrow, should I get the Jaybird freedom or BeatsX? We use iphoneXs, ipad, macbook and a pc at home! Please help Marques!

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