Bitcoin Breaks the Floor… Going To $1,000 Or $100,000? Bloodbath Analysis

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  1. 1200$ it will be another good entry for me also very good to get ridoff shitcoins and weak projects the faster we get under 1500$ the better for everybody

  2. You need to keep your keys in the real world… and not on computers connected to the internet … so VR without being connected to the internet doesn't sound fun to me… and using Bitcoin in VR sounds stupid. I mean maybe if you have a separate wallet and don't keep a lot of money on there

  3. In general I like your videos because they are informative and mostly well-balanced, but why are you so down on Dash? Really, have you seriously taken a deep look into it recently, or do you just parrot the opinions of bitcoin maximalists? There is so much genuine technical innovation coming online from Dash, and more real world merchant adoption than any other coin. Yet most youtubers still dismiss it as a scammy shitcoin, if they mention it at all, without giving any rational reasons. I appreciate that at least you covered the KFC story today, but it would have been better without the 'scammy' comment. I would really like to know why you feel that way.

  4. well look at the stock markets, the whales are pulling their money out of the market slowly. the dow is down over 3k points. it seems like the whales are running to hibernate….. something is coming when the big players are starting to move around

  5. oh because this crypto yoda is crying on youtube and apologizing, YOU make the financial advice call (you didn't recant) that we are close to the bottom? ?
    You the next one to apologize? ?

  6. One thing no one is predicting is btc will go below $1000 and stay there for ever. I am saying it now hoping to break the spell. Since usually the future won’t happen when ppl predicts it.

  7. I want to tell the Whales that i am not going to sell my BTC until its $1. I am a long term investor and accumulating at every dip. And my sell target is $55,000 in few years. I expect the target in 4-5 years but i also know that BTC will surprise us with unexpected highs it will make.

  8. I dont agree with altcoins being called shitcoins. What about merchants that start accepting a small group of them for preference over others and having them available to trade with them

  9. on every channel in youtube they saying everyone is buying from under the table and all those exchanges and new york also l think is all bullshit cause is those big companies have invested hundreds of millions believe me the price would go crazy but nope they spending their millions but the price is going down ohhh common man its all bullshit noone is buying bitcoin at this moment that is for sure otherwise the price would never go like that

  10. right now globally lots of people are moving into holding dollars and bitcoin is getting shorten. sell your coins before it goes to zero. I have a friend who already lost his lifetime savings investing in crypto. at this point where the bond yield curve is getting fucked up we are facing a big chance to go into a recession. holding on your hard earn dollars is the way to survive the coming years.

  11. Why do you mention such a fucked up science article? What an arrogance to call it "possibly the greatest scientific breakthrough"! Hundreds of millions of people are malnourished or starving, and they celebrate being able to stuff even more food in.

  12. So what do y'all think this is the land that fiat currency is going to win the cryptocurrency is going to go down I'm invested not a lot of money and I believe in crypto this downfall very ugly. And it makes me worried

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