Bitcoin News – Mt.Gox, Mike Novogratz, CFTC, Samsung

Lots of Bitcoin and Crypto released news today. Stay tuned to hear more about Japanese prosecutors want to jail ex-CEO of Mt.Gox, why Mike Novogratz is still bullish, CFTC’s look at Ethereum and Samsungs new phone.

Tune in 10:30 am CST every day to learn about Bitcoin, Altcoins and Crypto market news.

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  1. I have no doubt that "we" went to the moon but that footage they tried to pass off as the moon landings is clearly fake. Honestly, one of the rocks were numbered, and the background looked exactly the same in multiple widely spaced locations, With suits they were supposed to weight about 60 pounds and that jumping flag salute was only about 18 inches high. If I weighted 60 pounds I could jump 4 feet in the air. The shadows of the astronauts changed their length when they moved about the filiming location. If it were the sun that was casting the shadows, the length wouldn't have changed. It's total bunk.
    Now what I'd actually like to know is what they were actually doing on the moon?

  2. So on the subject of gold or bitcoin being a pyramid scheme….the fact that it's worth what people say it is is what makes a a good currency.

    Currency Must be:

    1. limited
    2. Portable or easily transactable
    3. Valueless on its own. ( food or water are bad because they are valuable for other uses other than currency)
    4. Difficult to duplicate

    Gold and bitcoin fit all those. High school economics paying off ha ha

  3. You are wrong about circulating supply.

    If I'm holding 1,000 XRP, you don't exclude that from circulating supply.

    If I'm holding 1,000,000,000 XRP, you don't exclude that from circulating supply.

    If I'm holding 60,000,000,000 XRP, you don't exclude that from circulating supply.

    If Ripple is holding 60,000,000,000 XRP, you don't exclude that from circulating supply.

    If someone is holding it (it exists) , then it's in circulation. As opposed to something that hasn't been mined (i.e. something that doesn't exist yet.)

  4. The comments on gold made me cringe. Gold has many many uses. And more than an olympic pools worth has been mined in the time of human civilization.

  5. George, can you talk about how people should hold for 1 year then sell/rebuy. Looks like that's what you're seeing with the buys/sells at loss. FIFO, and reduction in cap gains is not something ignored by large retailers/institutions

  6. Stop putting our hope in institutions, let’s pull our crypto off exchanges and find out what the real price of crypto is. Do the exchanges actually have all our crypto? Are these just derivatives? Time to take control of our keys!

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