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  1. When the makers of Bubsy 3D go out of their way to make a whole different type of game "Days Gone" and it's looks way, way better than anything Microsoft has lmao.

  2. I wouldn't call Letdown 3 a "Big" game lol. It was suppose to be an Xbox launch title and yet it still looks like a 360 game lol. You can clearly see the huge difference in first party developers from both Microsoft and Sony. Sony's studios are just on a whole other level and I'm not even fanboying I'm just being straight honest.

  3. I honestly appreciate it when companies delay games because they actually care about the quality of their games. A huge example is Red Dead 2. That game was scheduled to release in fall of 2017 and it released October 26, 2018. And look where that led. It is the highest rated PS4 and Xbox One game.

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