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  1. Lou could you plz send me a good batter pack. My house just burned down and I'm just bouncing around and it's really hard to keep my phone and laptop charged and I'm really into batter packs
    I know you probley won't get this buy it would be so cool to get something from you I watch all your videos and follow you on Ig and I justkvr your show. Keep up the great videos bro.

  2. So I need a Power Bank battery, i dont really care if it's wireless or not. The thing that i care about is that it can charge my phone (s9 plus) 2 or 3 times and that the battery is multi voltage so i cam charge it in the U.S and in Europe! So can you give me a suggestion of a product i can use?

  3. I know this comment maybe late. But just got done checking out Poweradd's 30,000 mah power bank w/ 3 output connectors and 2 input connectors 4 around $40 (bang 4 buck hard 2 beat).

  4. i always try to get the biggest battery compacity fro20 – 30 bucks on amazon and i have found anywhere from around 20,000 – 30,000 MAH. youll be surprised at what you can find on amazon.

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