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  1. dont know what you mean since vr is growing every year. the tech is getting cheaper every year and even a 1050ti meets the minimum req… i wouldnt recommend anything under a 1060 for vr but that doesnt mean its impossible… i think lowspecgamer (or whatever his channel is called) did a video where he build a complete system with vr headset for just a fev hundret bucks soooooo….

  2. I'm old enough to have seen VR coming and going a few times as the 'next big thing' and I've tried every incarnation. It's fun for ten minutes and then it's not so much fun for ten minutes and then it's just annoying. The big problem as far as I can see is that it demands 100% of your attention 100% of the time. While you're VR-ing you can't roll a a cigarette, eat a bag of crisps, pat the dog on the head or scratch your arse.

  3. VR ha estado creciendo desde hace muchos años, solo en los últimos se ha pegado un salto, hay que darle un poco mas de tiempo a que sea mas barato/cómodo

  4. I just made the guy next to me subscribe to Techquickie. We are getting married soon.
    So… I dunno. Recommended…? ¯_(ツ)_/¯

  5. 1)High-end hardware is needed? Yeah, GTX 1050 Ti is high-end.
    2)People don't want to wear a bunch of gadgets? Carrying around a smartphone and dongles around is fine.
    3)Small living spaces are unsupported? Seated VR gaming experiences are a thing.
    4)Lack of games? I almost have more VR games than non-VR games. Check Steam. There are games, new and old.
    5)VR development is expensive and too intensive? There are numerous devkits for Unity, Unreal Engine 4, etc. Developers are just lazy. Go make some more sequels.

    If you can't afford a GTX 1060 or even a 1050 Ti, you weren't going to be playing PC games anyway. For just $200, PSVR is for you. Hecc, Windows Mixed Reality headsets were just $200, last I looked. VR is far from dead. The only thing killing it is videos like these.

    3:45 Did you diss Job Simulator?! Excuse me what the frick!

  6. Just attended a seminar on VR gaming and its future just a couple of weeks ago. I had the same thoughts about why VR gaming is unusual and pretty much unnatural because of it's complications and highly expensive set up. The traditional computers provide much more value for the money with a range of choices for gaming, which totally destroys the idea that VR is the future of gaming.

  7. in sim racing its an insane upgrade to the experience.

    the immersion it adds to assetto corsa and ETS2 with a proper steering wheel is insane.

  8. I use it every day without problems however i do not use moving parts like vive i fucking hate wii nonsense. I just want vr and not reality boxing or so.

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