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  1. I think I have played this game before, I think it was called Destiny… You know, the game no one plays… Kappa…

  2. Looks complicated, but in practicality i'd argue it won't make too much difference compared to Dynasty Warriors games experience.

  3. Welcome to microtransatcion wonderland. Or destiny 3 with flying guardians. Not a chance… You better hire some screenwriters….

  4. 1. It’s closer to Diablo in mech suits than anything else, y’all need to shut up with the destiny/warframe garbage.

    2. “iTs EA sO iTs gArBaGe!” I’ve defecated more original stuff than this line.

    3. Storm is cool and all, BUT INTERCEPTOR WHERE.

  5. This was the most interesting of all the Javelins… But the game still lacks soul, style and above all, it will definitely fail to provide an actually engaging story.

    This will be a solid pass for me. It was already a style of game that I don't particularly enjoy, I was hoping to be captivated by this since it's Bioware. But honestly, seems like Mass Effect's franchise was wrecked for nothing.

  6. Unlike everyone else I’m going to give this game a chance because its pretty much the two games I play into one , destiny and warframe so I’ll play it but I’m NOT preordering because EA is behind it and the the E in EA stands for evil ?

  7. Guys, whats the point in pre-ordering? Just give it a few days wait for the critics to have their say then make a decision. If you are super eager to buy the game asap well buy it digitally on day of release or go out and buy it that day. There is no reason why you should pre-order anything they will not run out of copies.

  8. Environments seem superficial. Huge, but you're ultimately just going from point A to B. Is there any reason to walk/fly around off the beaten path? Can you find hidden places? Spontaneous situations?

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