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  1. I'm creating a new sport: Competitive mathematics. 1 on 1, 60 min to solve 100 problems. No calculator, only a pencil and an eraser. More physical than playing video games and way harder. You can apply multiple strategies to solve a problem as long as your answer is right. PM if you are interested.

  2. Lol to all of you "people" making fun of people and calling them nerds. Funny thing is that these "nerds" will probably make it further in life than any of you worthless pieces of trash.

  3. Honestly it's not a sport and people in it aren't athletes for you to call it a sport is disrespectful for people who actually do sports and train and get hurt pushing there bodies to the breaking point

  4. An activity involving physical exertion and skill in which an individual or team competes against another or others for entertainment:

    esports has 3 out of 4 so it makes it a sport
    got this definition from oxford dictionary 

  5. "ESports are not sports since there is no physical contact between the opposition." So kinda like golf, poker, and darts, which are all broadcasted by ESPN. Awkward…

  6. Well let's put it this way. Everyone here has their opinions and such. Let's leave it at a point where you all can agree that you disagree with one another.

    I have a fascinating question. If poker is not a sport and gaming isn't a sport. Along with many other things that people do not consider a physical "sport". WHY even feature those "hobbies" or w.e you want to label them as on that channel?

  7. Esports… brought to you by the same country that made competitive eating a sport.

    'MURICA… FUCK YE- dies of a heart attack from the years of eating food products high in saturated fat

  8. There's a champion ship i think esports is a sport all so no hate just
    My opinion.all so its cometive gaming. There doesn't have to be a college team one I bet there will be though lol

  9. ESPORTS not a sport? Look at the xgames more views on the esports than sports that have been there for 10 years XD Dude is a joke go to sleep with your old ass

  10. I can understand people when they don't want to classify esports as an actual sport. But when you then go to say "Anyone can play a game" you make yourself look like a complete fucking idiot. Play against pro gamers that play in yearly competitions and then come back and tell me if it is as easy as you state it to be. 

  11. If gaming ever was considered a sport i would lose faith in the human race completely, only reason why gaming was showed on espn was for ratings you dumb fucks

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