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  1. I am a PS4 Destiny player and I would love it if we could axe off exclusivity and see cross play with our xbox counterparts in the near future. I'd include PC but with M&K + 60fps there's too many disadvantages console players are given so, just a crossplay between the two would suffice

  2. Challenge 1: Make an actually decent and complete game, that doesn't require a fullprice game in addition to several DLC only to make it somewhat decent and cost twice as much

  3. My Destiny has been written I'm the Rider DEATH


    Your Destiny has been written REVELATION 6 SAYS YOUR DONE

    It's only a matter of time now

  4. Bungie should get back the original guys they had make halo, partner back up with 343 and Microsoft, make there own PC publisher and marketplace. Than port the new halo into the pc world alongside destiny ??

  5. i hope they give casual solo players a wee bit of a buff because in a few weeks anthem and then the division 2 are here i can see quite a lot of casual players leaving d2

  6. I would like to see MS buying Bungie. This way they have enough funds and a publisher. And no, not releasing futere destiny’s exclusive to the Xbox and PC but also other platforms. This will be in line with Phil Spencers wish to create games for everyone. Not every by MS aquired studio have to create exclusive for Xbox.

  7. outside: “oh i guess destiny will be cool now”
    inside: “please go back to halo please go back to halo please go back to halo please go back to halo please go back to halo”

  8. Destiny 2 was originally 3rd person and had 4 utility slots…..sprint and jumping were utilities and the various different UI's and character sheets were so alien and comprehensible that they were just too clunky to enjoy. They also stripped the dreadnought from the orignal story and the finally focusing on saving Rasputin (Exo).

    (NOTE) Bungie themselves have discredited the one redditer who said the traveler was the original baddie and they dark heart was inside it. He used old concept art to build this lie as it showed ships attacking the traveler but these same ships were enemy designs they made on other pieces. The crow also wasn't a lightless guardian and the Stranger wasn't male. Osiris had a bigger part in helping defeat the vex and the queen had a much bigger mystery behind her as well as a cut questline. Many games cut content and many games go through changes during development, Destiny was one of these games and the facts are lesser know than the lies and falsehoods. Alot of cut and changed content exist and are viewable; whether concept are, cinematic, UI, voice acting, ect–it's all out there and you'd find more joy in knowing the truth than the lie. Before 2012 they originally made the idea to make it 3d person and make it a coverbased like RPG similar to how the devision turned out and they ended up changing it. Melees for all classes was the hunter knife and some factions were very different in design.

  9. Micro transactions are fine in destiny now though? They don’t need to remove it. Idk why people have a problem with it I have 50% of the eververse things and I don’t even need them to play the game lol

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