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  1. Demo was amazing so many memories of re2. I had to bust out my ps3 and bought the psone classic of re2. Me and my 17 year son playing till the 25th. Re2 definitely was one of my favorite games. Dam I was 21 when it came out. Cant wait!!

  2. I played it multiple times on my ps4 and enjoyed it. My friend on the other hand played it in her computer and couldnt stop laughing because of her poor graphics on her comp. She could see through walls and see the zombies haha

  3. I don't understand why wouldn't they make it re-playable like a normal demo? Already pre-ordered deluxe edition. Finished original countless times. The demo I took my time thinking the 30 min is restarted.

  4. Don't u dare to put microstansactions in the game Capcom!!!!! This is an old school game! Take my 60 bucks and give me the complete Edition Day One! No Dlc, No Seasonpass, No microstransactions!!!!!

  5. Omg , zombies can open the doors and push them towards you and u can't pause the game to reload or heal not to mention the jump scares

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