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  1. At least he had the balls to post a completely wrong chart (at least). However, HL has become the meme for counter-trading

  2. Haejin, you posted the wrong analysis!! This is for a couple days ago!! Please post new analysis for the 19th of December and prove all these naysayers wring that you DO know what you're talking about. I for one have a lot of respect for your analyses but they do have to be for the right time period of course, ;_).

  3. It made me laugh that Haejin spent the 1st 8 months of the year saying on every video "Is this the time to panic, no it is not" while predicting a huge rebound in price. Then a couple of weeks ago said "Is this the time to panic, no. The time to panic was earlier in the year". Literally lolled 🙂

  4. Haejin, your anaylsis is not invalid in thought and theory.
    In general you project biased scenario. Usually only one on your belief for expectation on your risk reward calculation.
    Try showing bullish and bearish scenarios with out "expectations". Show up and down scenarios and risk reward. This way, you will not be subject to criticism of fortune telling.
    Your "projection" was wrong but was still pro"bable" because no one knows the future.
    Don't be biased. Stay neutral and you will gain a loyal following.

  5. completely fucking wrong as usual, switch the comments off fast prior to us reminding you of your batshit crazy TA that is totally useless. ALL TA IS A HOAX.

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