China’s Bitcoin & Crypto Regulations for 2019 – Cause of the Sell Off? [Bitcoin Cryptocurrency News]

China’s new Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Regulations for 2019 is harsh and requires blockchain companies to comply with a lot of requests. Is this the reason for the sell-off?

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  11. you mentioned China being able to control elastos as one of the examples I believe the elastos s based out of Singapore correct?

  12. You mentioned in your video not many people watched or liked the specific content videos. It is possible many people are like me and listen to youtubers while working a normal job. I am only interested in news and not so much one a particular project or anything like that. I just want to hear about the latest news items and the opinion of youtubers about said news items. Hope this helps.

  13. I already know a few people that backed out of crypto because of the bitcoin cash bullshit. They are bad figures for the crypto world. You live sessions are awesome btw vs the scripted vids.

  14. y everytime i price avg bitcoin dips smh glad i got more cash ready to buy more lol
    only good thing my price avg drop from 5700 down to 5k

  15. I wouldn't touch NEO at all. likely the Chinese govmt is going to capitalize/utilise it somehow and will control price fluctuations just like (China) does the stock market.

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