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  1. As much as I liked the 2016 movie, and I really don’t care what anyone says about that, I’m curious with how this Ghostbusters 3 is going to turn out. Because if what I heard is true, the events of the 2008 Ghostbusters video game is going to be retconned to the point where it’s considered to be non-canon. Which is even more unfortunate than anything really.

  2. So the guy got the job because his dad directed the original. Remember all the great movies Max Landis and Jon Kasdan made? This will be garbage

  3. I was so happy until I read casting teenagers. I dont want to watch a Stranger Things rip off. I want adult actors to be cast and it to be called Ghostbusters 3. Also would like the tone of the original.
    It's not hard SONY!!!!
    Why are you determined to ruin this again SONY!!!!!!!
    We dont want Sabrina the teenage Ghostbuster!!!!!!
    SONY WAKE UP!!!!!!!

  4. I’m sorry, but did I just read that we are getting a third film? And the son of the original films director is directing the movie and co writing? This can either be bad or good. Idk ?

  5. How are they going to release the movie in 2020. And how are people going to watch it when. The time traveler said that there is going. To be a nuclear war with another country?

  6. Ivo shandor better be in this one because he’s been mentioned in the original and never showed up still but only in the games and not even the 2016 reboot has he been mentioned

  7. Ghostbusters 2016 was a disaster. Hopefully this will put the Ghostbusters franchise back in check. If not. I'm not waisting my money on a disappointing movie. Hopefully they can bring the original cast back together

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