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  1. If you look at the city up front in the start it claims that this was recorded in Los Santos. (GTA) and the plane is mostly a realistic plane crash mod. I play GTA a lot of times and I can recognize every part and the city is downtown or main Los Santos. I am just saying that this is not realistic. If you are a GTA enthusiast and want to know more, then before takeoff look around the runway while taxing. (Sorry for grammar freaking stupid autocorrect) and also you can slightly see the ocean above, near a carnival like dock and GTA Online yachts are there. This was also in story mode. Mods in Online leads to a ban in less than a day. In story mode, mods are fine. Idk just as yet but I'm just saying that this is not real this is GTA and also have a nice year. Happy 2019!

  2. me panics
    looks forward to see man calmly sitting still
    “Oh okay we must be good”
    Plane hits water and man still calmly staring
    “Ummm Fred I think tod is already dead…”
    Tod blinks
    Me “Illuminati confirmed!”

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