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  1. People think fortnite is going to be forever though. I remind you the games royal mode is just turning a year old. It's going to find it's core fanbase and then fall into the background while the next fad goes on. Just like Minecraft, fnaf, overwatch, and I dare say league of legends. What? You only pretend to care about league when the world series happens.

  2. It crazy how big Fortnite is I mean I can't escape it out on the road you see people doing Fortnite Gaming news talking about almost almost every week. I'm sick of seeing Fortnite where ever I go now. I need a filter in my life and on YouTube that makes me blind form seeing Fortnite

  3. Lmao, this game is repetitive and will eventually die just like any other game would. I don't understand how the mindless kids enjoy playing the same thing match after match

  4. Netflix is sweating… If you are true leader you respect competition. Why i have feeling people gonna leave Netflix as soon as Game of thrones finales kicks off?

  5. Ok but Netflix, why do i have to change the language in every episode of a show. why cant i leave a language to default for a show or movie

  6. Can't wait for them to compete them with…. Netflix Battle Royal. Where all your favorite shows get canceled and movies that are too bad for theaters get released.

  7. Damn BURN BURN DAMN???? y’all even more savage in 2019 then 18 y’all gotta stop we all humans wtf wrong with y’all ?put y’all in timeout y’all bad this year

  8. Fortnite to me is a fad that will eventually die off, like Pokemon GO (and yes, I am aware that people still play it) or FNAF. Eventually, people will get so sick of it they won't be able to play it anymore.

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