Bitcoin Bear Market Over? [Crypto News 2021]

Bitcoin Bear Market Over? [Crypto News 2021]

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  1. Call me crazy, but when I woke up and saw this bitcoin pump I was annoyed. I was looking forward to buying more cheap bitcoin next week when I receive my paycheck. Still haven't built out my position, I really wanted to be a whole-coiner. If bitcoin is going to the moon now, this will be much more difficult. I would prefer the big move to come towards the end of the year.

  2. Why would anyone want to use Bitcoin to pay for purchases on Amazon? That's like being a gold advocate and getting excited that Amazon is about to accept gold as payment for trinkets.

    I'm all for Bitcoin as a store of value but I can't see why Amazon would want to accept it as payment as opposed to holding some instead of cash on their balance sheet.

  3. The fundamentals haven't changed – it's just that the negative manipulation couldn't be sustained much longer.
    Bitcoin always beats the low-down dirty FUD – JP Morgan will soon learn this fact.

  4. Btc has 7 tps. Very slow to be a global payment currency. Whereas, Amazon is selling thousands of products in every second. Btc doesn't scale enough.

  5. I hope everyone took profits today because we are headed back down. I’m guessing at least one more leg down under $30k before August is over.

  6. Other poeple must have a different definition of a bear market to me because for me, we were nowhere near a bear market! It was just a healthy correction in a very typical 2 cycle bull run… Every TA metric backed this up. You could make the argument it's been a bear trend but definitely not a bear market… We've still got the 2nd bull run cycle to go through if we look at historical data but that doesn't mean history will repeat its self and a lot depends on the stock market not crashing but I expect bitcoin to hit about 140k in this 2nd leg of the bull run cycle and then a period of a 'real bear market' for a long while.

  7. Ughhh this is kinda sketchy. No one wants to buy until Elon musk does a podcast lol. Here we go again. Also still in a downtrend. Pretty sure we’re going to 47kish then back down. Still in a downtrend on the weekly… would have been better if we went to low 20s then bounced this feels like a savage bull trap. Back test the last 2 tops then look at this one…

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