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  1. He looks WAY too much like Cyclops before death, he will probably lose the helmet during the comic but doubt it will be enough of a difference to shake off the Cyke vibe

  2. Can we just call him Major Disappointment? This cheesy character reeks of 90's Liefeld. I'll bet he'll have a ton of pouches, lots of poses that hide feet, proportions that seem at odds with how the character is posed, and other minute details that purely belong in a 90's comic book.

  3. From the thumbnail, I thought Boba Fett joined the marvel universe… actually, that sounds really cool. Shoot, I want to see that now.

    This does have my attention though.

  4. Guns and a sword(s), that are positioned to look like an X on his back, with a red and black costume, from the creator of Deadpool and Deathstroke ??… very creative

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