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  1. Is it macross American style or actual Japanese version. I watched the original 3 cartoons that made up the 1 macross series in America. But you just threw me back with that reference. Funny ace combat 3 was the 1st one I never played. I've missed this series.

  2. they should mae a DLC mission where you have to fight King Ghidorah and Rodan and maybe even get to control Mothra.
    then another DLC mission where you get to control the God Phoenix and Ken's plane from Science Ninja Team Gatchaman and have to fight off the Galactor enemies and maybe the Turtle King boss.
    and finally a Gamera DLC mission where you have to fight off a horde of Gyaos and need Gamera's help.

  3. Probably best to get it on Xbox One X, but eventually really wanna try it in VR, still need to get that but probably only worth it on a PS4 Pro and i'm waiting for PS5 since that's probably being retrocompatible

  4. I found your review so much more useful than IGN's. They were too busy complaining that the game even HAD a story.
    Dude, that was the best part of Ace Combat 5! I want that! Gimme more!
    It's not supposed to be After Burner.

  5. "There are 18 Missions in the game."

    Yet I am here, playing Mission 19.

    Edit: Starting Mission 20 now. What version did you play Johnny 😀

  6. I loved the ac so much but they get boring so fast I was happy when lethal skies came out cuz it was different I remember they even had vtol before ac

  7. best ace combat game i played so far was Ace Combat: Squadron Leader on ps2. it had a great storyline, lot´s of planes, good graphics (back then), overall just a great game. after that the series wen´t downhill in my opinion, but "the last gamer" really got my hyped for ace combat 7, because i can finally pull out vr headset again 😀

  8. I Reallllly want to try this! It looks so realistic and gorgeous! I would be keen to try the old games too :)! Thanks for a really exciting review Johnny!

  9. I'm not an Ace Combat player or even interested in the series but after your video I want to give them a try. Loved your channel btw, insta-subscribe <3 Cheers from Chile!

  10. Great review like always. Im extremely happy that you cover games that don't get much attention. Keep it up.

    So with the ps5 coming out within the next 2 years… curious on if the psvr is worth getting now, or should I wait till its possible integration with next gen hardware? Are there any good games actually worth getting on it besides glorified tech demos.

  11. The game doesnt look too good. Its the modern era, when we are embarking upon having the next gen consoles ( ie PS5 and Xbox neXt etc) and games still look less impressive than they should. Plus compared to Raiden Projects awesome game play, Ace combat was never thrilling or fun. Thats just me of course, but truth exists as a personal extension of the self, so… 😛

  12. The F16 is in the game!? Spoiler..
    I love the review haha. I'll never get the joystick but I was pleasantly suprised to see it reviewed in the video.

  13. What looks good: no stupid Macross style billion missiles at once overly arcade combat like 6 (I don't mind that in a Macross game.. Not Ace combat)
    The bad: no squad commanding like Ace combat 5.. and yes I'll complain about only 18 missions that take 15 minutes.

    Overall, I'll get it when it goes on sale. Not for $60 tough

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