Bitcoin- $1000- 10 MILLION! More on the “Hyperwave” TYLER JENKS & ARCANE BEAR

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About the Author: Arcane Bear


  1. Lots of good points here. I just want to correct on some fundamental points. The US has no gold in Fort Knox. It was all sold or leased out never to return. The central banks through their proxy bullion banks absolutely control the gold and silver price through paper naked short selling derivatives. We will get a cashless system so they can institute global negative interest rates and investors will buy these bonds to make capital gain to offset the negative interest.

  2. Clif High calling for $1210 BTC by June 2019. That's also the only resistance level BTC never tested back in 2017. Still don't understand exactly what a "hyperwave" is though.

  3. Bitcoin Maximalists please skip to (1:43:43) of the following video

    Absolute positions are always a blinkered subset of what's actually happening you can't understand the World by being an extremist.

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  4. How about this time Gold could have Bitcoin as a partner so the New Gold Standard doesnt have to fail like before. I love the idea of Gold backing my Bitcoin!

  5. Hyperwave doesnt apply to bitcoin since it hasn't truly hyperwaved in the 3 previous cycles. Black box trading involves algorithmic scales to calculate price movement, all of which weren't available during the examples that jinks refers to. Modern institutional analysts mostly use logarithmic scale. I'm sorry, but the $1000 bitcoin was left behind in 2017. I would highly recommend you watch bob loukas and his logarithmic approach to target a bottom. Knife catchers will miss out

  6. It is very good that the US has declared Bitcoin legitimate money. What other countries recognize cryptocurrencies? How is the situation in Russia?

  7. Tyler’s hyperwave theory is interesting. He has mentioned the 1929-31 Stock Market Crash, Great Depression, Breton Woods (and US coming off the Gold Standard) and the ‘dotcom bubble’.

    However, none these events were accompanied by a series of 4 yearly mining reward halvings as happens with Bitcoin, Litecoin and others!

  8. It's good to have a new definition for what I have been seeing as the same thing between the silver weekly chart and the bitcoin day chart. I have been calling it the face of rigged markets. Hyper-wave, rigged or both I now have a better map and a deeper understanding to use as a tool. Very nice! Thanks to you both. Funny how there are as many theories as there are possibilities.

  9. Crazy theory.. Nice content. I am getting tired of waiting for the bottom and I suck at trading on Bitmex during this bear market. I have been playing Crypto Crash games (less then 1% house edge) and I do WAY better then trading. I hit a 46x yesterday on Elite crash and erased all my losses. Its so fun! Anyone else into these crypto crash games?

  10. Hey, thanks for what you do! Many crypto people desperately need to hear something different from empty hype every once in a while. Even if we don't want to.

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