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  1. Everyone is roasting the hell out of dead by daylight for the switch. Yall need to chill XD. Graphics dont make the game fun. Remember the ps2 days. Nobody complained about graphics being bad.

  2. I can't wait for this game on the switch. A lot of people seem to not enjoy this game and I really do understand why but I for one is in love with this game. I already have so much fun playing it on PS4 and now I'll have more fun on the go!

  3. 10fps incoming, IF the PS4 pro and Xbox one X can barley pull off 40fps max for this game, what the hell is the switch gonna pull off 15Fps max.

  4. Am I just one of the few who doesn't really care about the framerate and optimization thing's?

    Yeah, I get that it's not as great as the PC version but still, to me it's not really that bothering as some say.

  5. So what? Off line with bad ai bots? Or online with really bad connections? It's a game based solely in multiplayer and so far (with smash) all I've seen are terrible connections online.

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