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  1. I feel like I will get my money’s worth while I wait for Division 2 to drop, but don’t plan on being on Anthem much after that. I suppose they could always overhaul and surprise me…

  2. Excellent review! I got the game from origin access and I've been having a blast with it despite the glaring issues. I'm confident in Bioware's ability to improve the game in the future. At this date I won't say it's worth $60.

  3. I’m sleeping on you IGN they voted naruto ninja storm 4 a 5.5/10, seems like anything new and innovative igns going to give it a hard time

  4. there is nothing to do there because the game is empty. yes it's look beauty and we would have only a few hours of endgame content, but only this beauty doesn't cost full price! I will not play until it becomes f2p

  5. Crazy to think this game was in development almost as long as what Red Dead Redemption 2 was. More proof that BioWare are just an incompetent developer now and a shadow of their former selves without key staff who made the name.

  6. Dude ign it was clear this aint no story game this is clearly a grinding game. I personally like the concept, combat, visuals and the open world itself. Besides every game has bugs

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