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  1. That’s only because of the distance between the movies though. Robert Downey Jr has more appearances as a superhero than Jackman.

  2. After their performances in Logan, I’m glad that they’ve received a reward with such resolute magnitude to it. Honestly, 2 of the greatest actors to ever adapt comic book characters on the big screen. #FACTS

  3. Soooo, it's 2019, they haven't played those roles since 2017, and just now someone at Guinness goes "Oh, we should make an award for that."

    I take no issue with the record. Great roles and great actors. I just question the time gap.

  4. At what point is Guinness going to give themselves the record for the most specific records created by a record keeping organisation… I'd say its getting beyond a joke but Guinness is the joke at this point.

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