Bitcoin & Altcoins Pumping… Is THIS The Beginning???

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  1. No not the beginning. I'm sure people expected a pullback but this was more than that and Asia hasn't woke up yet. More blood to come in my opinion

  2. U def had me cracin' up with ur many lil dirty joke comments mingled throughout the vid Randall, good shit! I think u must've forgotten the Monarch Wallet link, don't c it in the description… Other than that, good to cya back n have a good weekend man!

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  4. We're not out of the woods yet guys we're still in bear territory. I'm not trying to troll i promise, i just dont want people to fomo all in based on emotion and end up getting burned. Please be smart and always keep a chunk of savings aside just in case so you can buy some more if it tanks again. Never go all in or out. These youtube channels just put out what people want to hear and use feelgood thumbnails to get views but dont follow the hype it's all smoke and mirrors. They pretend to know whats gonna happen but in fact we're all clueless in the short-term. anything can happen.

  5. i love bitcoin and alts specially but this is not the bottom, and is not the beggining, just a consolidation, and guess what not even 24 hours above 4000 and down again to 3700

  6. Seek advice from a left handed, dope smoking sociopathic psychologist. They will tell you the direction of Bitcoin. All the rest is guess work cause all humans have emotions and are susceptible to irrational thoughts.

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  8. Great vid. I think your list of reasons work for me. I'm solid here because I told all my friends we had hit the bottom at 3500, I get loads of respect if i was right

  9. Th e love of money is the root of all evil- James
    Which coins are you shillling now? How much money have people lost listening to you while you make money? When are you going to learn that shilling will bring you bad Karma?
    BSV is the real bitcoin, these others are just clones. Crypto shill love doesn't know anything! Would you listen to an acid head for advice, I hope not!

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