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  1. Dear IGN since you keep moderating comments on your website and rarely allow comments that are critical of your articles or if you do it is very light, so here is my comment on your newest article that hasn't been allowed up where you are advocating for censorship like you did 9 months ago and got ripped apart for it.

    Oh piss off we all know that games "journalists" have issues with games that show off nudity and no I'm not talking about that game, they all released articles saying how bad it was that steam would allow games with erotic stuff in them because they don't like it, who cares people can spend their money how they wish vote with your wallet it really is that simple. We all knew it was only a matter of time they would put out articles about steams policy of allowing nudity yet again this time they are now using one crappy game as a shield. We do not like censorship people can and should be able to do as they wish these games "journalists" only ever want to push their views, their wills and desires on everyone and if you don't agree you are bad and again im not talking about that one crappy game. Games journalists used to be about freedom to create and express even if it was edgy but now its all about outrage and making non issues into issues, after all clicks are needed for places to survive and games don't have alot of actual news as development can take years… with little overall news, hell you cant even put some letters together without it being "offensive" again making an overall non issue into one and advocating for censorship. All of this stuff is in all other mediums of art just because you do not like something does not make it any less.

  2. Nintendo reduced presence? Uh ok we will see Nintendo has like 5-7 games in their belt this year like Pokémon Pikmen Bayonetta new Mario game and links awakening plus more…….. IGN what happened to the time when gamers could honestly trust you

  3. Y'all are lucky, its SydSoGood's Birthday today and she still went into work to read you lot the news..

    Tweet at her with best wishes, its the least you can do <3

  4. Sony really needs to get off their high horse and partner up with Nintendo like Microsoft is doing and allow me to remote play from my Nintendo Switch. Come on Sony it won't hurt you in any way its not like you have a viable portable console of your own. Why would I want to remote play from a freaking phone or a tablet with no button? The Switch would be the perfect device to remote play from

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