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  1. 3D realms? What is this 1995? see games graphics Looks like like it. Seriously though, if its moderately priced ill buy it.

  2. A bit out off topic, but seriously IGN website is broken for me last 2 months. It never loads properly. It's only website which does that where You click aticle and it only loads half of it / can't click anything till mozilla browser says that it's stuck and asks You to Stop some process. After clicking that website finally loads everything. Thinking about not using IGN anymore. Like seriously every other pcgamer, polygon, destructoid, escapist, kotaku, gamespot etc works fine. without a problem.

  3. Omfg yea!!!

    This game, Ion Maiden, The Outer Worlds, Trine 4, Hollow Knight Silksong, Cyberpunk 2077, Borderlands 3, Atomic Heart, Ori 2, Valfaris, Streets of Rage 4, Doom Eternal etc.

    So much happiness and fun?

  4. So 3D Reals is now all about the old school shooter stuff? First Ion Maiden now this, both running on old school engines. Not gonna lie, im pretty excited.

  5. Did you know Ray Tracing works on the old Quake engine if you modify it a bit. Also game looks awesome, can we get a VR version sometime in the future, that would be great =D

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