Bitcoin Price bounced of big Support & Momentum is important!

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About the Author: sunny decree


  1. Bitcoin price sitting exactly on the 371 EMA crossing with the 758.3 SMA and a 67.89 fibonacci retracement on the middle of the ichumoko cloud on the 37min chart, i'm going all in!

  2. Venesualans who have BTC are going to have a hard time accessing it when the electricity is gone. Batteries and solar/wind may not be enough if the communication network is down too. Gold, silver, and even USD paper money work in even that context for local trade. … really pathetic down there….They need some serious praying for.

  3. Buy best privacy coin "DAPS" from stex and mercatox exchanges at just 3 sat. Rate will go higher very soon due to "Testnet" which is happening on 20th March.

  4. Sunny I’ve been watching you a long time and I remember several years ago you said that you didn’t believe in technical analysis. Seems like you’re doing an off a lot of technical analysis. Not that that’s bad but it would be nice to see more analysis on long-term potential growth of bitcoin and the rationale for why it’s a better money. Most people that probably watch your channel are not daytraders. Just a thought

  5. What I have decided to do is buying BTC weekly little by little because this way it doesn't really matter if BTC goes up or down I will be happy . If it goes down I can get more of it for less if it goes up than I'm happy as well. As a matter of fact I think it will be better if it goes down for a year so I can get more of it .

  6. You cannot compare the internet with crypto, there was only one internet and there are several thousand cryptos. Can we compare it with tech stocks, yes. However, the blockchain data structure is not the future of digital currency. There are several technologies that are being developed using AI which will make the blockchain primitive technology. Additionally, there are technologies such as HashGraph which will be very competitive.

  7. i need a crash before bullrun. These cryptos still too expensive for me. I want a 1000 dollar bitcoin and 10 cent xrp, then illl be happy and will be able to reach my goal holdings.

  8. Excellent video sunny ?
    You explain things so well I understand everything you are saying and I agree with you!!
    There will be a lot more people to buy at 10k rather than at 4K, simply because of market emotions.
    Keep up the good work man

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